Automating and improving the management of the digital infrastructure with a minimum of resources


The teams in charge of the exploitation of the digital infrastructure face a multitude of heterogeneous technological silos that are more and more complicated to maintain.

We offer our Real Time Check suite to answer the following issues:

  • Validate the proper functioning of hardware or virtualized technology resources
  • Validate the correct operation of the operating systems
  • Validate the proper functioning of application services (Windows …)
  • Validate the functioning of the archiving service (internal / external)
  • Summarize active issues on a single dashboard
  • Provide a consolidated alarm report for IT
  • Customize problem detection
  • Alert the right resource in real time
  • Search the root cause in case of anomaly


  • Agnostic tool without impact on your data
  • Greater responsiveness: Involve the right resources at the right time
  • Automation of alerts: Send alarms in real time
  • Increased Compliance: Identify and quickly understand anomalies
  • Optimize skills: Automate & free up time for your teams
  • Limit your responsibility: Identify and trace interactions
  • Flexible and easy to install: Virtual or light physical solution

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