Implementation of a team productivity optimization strategy


The telecomunications environment is transformed into a model containing a multitude of channels to exchange with counterparts, customers’ partners …

We offer our Smart Business Data suite to address the following topics:

  • Understand interactions on all channels
  • Understand interactions with counterparts on all channels
  • Understand the use of communication channels
  • Understand the distribution of calls
  • Understand the use of LS
  • Understand the use of telecom resources
  • Detect inactive users
  • Provide a consolidated alarm report for the trade
  • Customize problem detection
  • Alert the right resource in real time
  • Search the root cause in case of problems


  • Optimize exchanges: Finely analyze your counterparties
  • Increased vision: Get a transverse and global vision of the activity
  • Reduce costs: Better understanding of your uses
  • Create opportunities: Increased knowledge of your business
  • Greater responsiveness: Involve the right resources at the right time
  • Automation of alerts: Send alarms in real time



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